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Norman Park Community Kindergarten Team


Teacher | Educational Leader

Bachelor Early Childhood Education


Hannah started with Norman Park Community Kindergarten in 2021. Hannah is an early childhood teacher and forest school facilitator; she is passionate about children’s rights to environments that nurture their autonomy, resilience and flow. “I have taught in a range of early childhood contexts and am also a mum to two very beautiful tween humans. I’m so excited to be able to work alongside you and your children and support their growth and learning as part of our learning community.”

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Diploma of Childcare and Education


Akiko has been working in kindergartens and international schools for 17 years. Akiko has two children and an interest in art, science, music and yoga. As a parent to a child with special needs, Akiko is interested in learning to help children with additional needs such as ASD and giftedness.


Director | Teacher

Desley has been working in early childhood for over 20 years in a variety of settings from childcare to stand-alone kindergartens, both private and community-run centres. Desley began at Norman Park Community Kindergarten in 2018. “I am very proud of the unique program we have developed at Norman Park Kindy, where the child is at the heart of what we do. My own daughter attended kindy at NPCK in 2020 and I loved watching her independence, agency, autonomy and resilience grow within the program. And she loved kindy because she felt that her opinion was valued and she could follow her own needs, ideas and interests (her words would be I got to play with my friends and eat whenever I want!). I love that we are able to give children the time, space, environment and support to find such joy and ownership in in their kindy days."

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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education


Megan joined the Norman Park Kindy team in 2023.

Megan worked as a classroom teacher for Education Queensland for over a decade with extensive experience in the early years of primary school. She passionately fosters a meaningful play-based learning environment for all children to develop vital skills in social-emotional development, resilience and critical thinking. Megan understands the diverse needs of young children and enjoys supporting families as they transition to kindy.

Megan has three young children and loves spending time at the beach and camping with her family.


Assistant | Teacher

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) QUT


Anne commenced at Norman Park in 2009. With 25 years experience in community kindergartens and child care services, Anne enjoys music and singing with the children. Anne will be assisting with the Kookaburras group in 2022 and is our relief teacher. Anne loves connecting with families and being part of the kindy community.

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Diploma in Early Childhood


Masako joined Norman Park Kindy in 2020 and has been working as an Early Childhood Educator for 9 years, with a special interest in indoor and outdoor activities, nature play, art and craft and gardening with children. 


Masako loves spending time with her family; visiting the beach, gardening, creating art, travelling, walking, and cooking. 




Certificate III in Early Childhood


Janelle lives locally and has been working at Norman Park Kindy on and off for many years. Both her daughters attended this kindy when they were small. Janelle is well known in our local community and has worked as a  public librarian, disability support worker and also runs a children's activity business. On the weekends she loves spending time with family, gardening, reading and going to the beach.


Administration Assistant

Mel joined Norman Park Community Kindergarten in 2018 and has been working in kindergarten admin for eight years. She supports the teaching staff and management committee, as well as the parent community, working on a part time basis.

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